"I got to watch a dance performance by Radiance Aglow and it was AWESOME!  The performers clearly put in a lot of time to perfect their respective styles, from hula to Middle Eastern belly dance with scimitar balancing and a very elaborate fire dance.  I was terrified someone would catch themselves on fire but NOPE!  They are beautiful and brilliant and put on one hell of a show smiling the whole time.  Can't wait to see them again!"

Marron Chaplin

"Radiance Aglow certainly livens up a back yard cook out or any event with tasteful eclectic dancing and fun.  Appropriate for kids and adults.  Better visuals at night."

Dan Phillips

"These performers will delight and surprise you with a multicultrural salad of dancing, fun, color and energy.  Don't miss a chance to see Radiance Aglow, full of magic and light!"

Deborah Shillito